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Baggy Clown Joker 1908

Baggy Clown Joker

Evolution of American Bank Note Co's “Baggy Clown” Joker.

Circus No.47 1896

Circus No.47

“Circus No.47”, first issued in 1896. The staid old Kings, Queens and Jacks have given way to various well-known ring masters, clowns and queens; dashing circus designs. Indeed, the clown Jacks are only a short step away from Jokers!



Dudák, meaning ‘Piper’, is a traditional Czech card game and this set has been specially illustrated for children.

Funny Snap 1920

Funny Snap

Funny Snap one penny game designed in England, printed in Bavaria, c.1920.

Pierre Etaix 1985

Pierre Etaix

Colourful, stylised courts designed by the French clown, comedian and filmmaker, Pierre Etaix.

Piñón Fijo

Piñón Fijo

“Piñón Fijo” is an Argentine clown, whose real name is Fabián Gómez. He is well-known on Argentine children's television.

Scaramouche 1959


Scaramouche cartes à jouer with designs by Henri Favre, published by Le Triboulet, France.

The Joker Card 1863

The Joker Card

The 'Joker' is believed to have been invented by American Euchre players who, when modifying the rules sometime during the 1860s, decided that an extra trump card was required.

Wu-Pee 1947


Wu-Pee card game by Pepys (Castell Bros Ltd), 1947.