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Columbian Exposition Souvenir 1893

Columbian Exposition Souvenir

Columbian Exposition Souvenir playing cards, G.W. Clark, Chicago, 1893.

Descubridores y Colonizadores de America 1952

Descubridores y Colonizadores de America

“Baraja Histórica” (Descubridores y Colonizadores de America) manufactured by Heraclio Fournier S.A., 1952 designed by Ricardo Summers “Serny”

Ibero-American Deck, 1929 1929

Ibero-American Deck, 1929

Ibero-American Deck, designed by L. Palao, 1929.

World’s Fair Souvenir 1892

World’s Fair Souvenir

One of a series of Columbian Exposition Souvenir Playing Cards published during 1892-94 celebrating the 400th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of the Americas.