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90 Minutes Playing Cards 1993

90 Minutes Playing Cards

90 Minutes Playing Cards by IPC Magazines 1993.

Alabama Crimson Tide 1972 1972

Alabama Crimson Tide 1972

Photos of American football players representing the University of Alabama in 1972.

Ataque 1958


“Ataque”, a card game simulating football manufactured in Buenos Aires by Vigor S.R.L., 1958.

Baraja de Futbol Mundial-82 1981

Baraja de Futbol Mundial-82

A 1982 World Cup commemoration pack by Heráldica Castanyer from Spain with non-standard suits.

Barajitas Futbolísticas Golazo, 1973 1973

Barajitas Futbolísticas Golazo, 1973

Figuritas Golazo collectible football cards from Argentina, 1973.

Benfiquista! 2006


Licensed and sponsored product for the Benfica Football Club, Lisbon, Portugal, 2006.

Children’s miniature football player cards, Montevideo, c.1928 1928

Children’s miniature football player cards, Montevideo, c.1928

Miniature children’s playing cards with photographs of football players on the reverse.

Club Nacional de Football, Uruguay 1999

Club Nacional de Football, Uruguay

100th anniversary of the Club Nacional de Football, Uruguay, 1999.

Copa de Oro 1980 1980

Copa de Oro 1980

Naipes “Copa de Oro 1980” manufactured by Compañía General de Fósforos Montevideana, 1980.

Deportivo Alavés 1921-2021 2020

Deportivo Alavés 1921-2021

Drawings by Guillem Bosch of famous Alavés footballers in celebration of the club’s centenary.

Desafio Football Caricatures 2000

Desafio Football Caricatures

“Desafio” playing cards with football player caricatures, c.2000

EPCS August 1998 Newsletter

EPCS August 1998 Newsletter Members Only

Stained Glass Windows: Lewis Carroll • Isle of Man Packs • Hand Decorated Transformation Pack • Happy Families: Cadbury MISFITZ • World Cup 1998 • New Issues: MISFITZ • Lyons Corner Houses: NIPPIES • Jovial Families: G.BROS Ltd • WG Grace Anniversary • English Standard Card Manufacturers • Nursery Rhyme Snap: Mother Goose • World of Alice: Lewis Carroll • De La Rue: Walt Disney Packs • SNAP: Geraldine Goodwin • Non Standard Pack: De La Rue Denmark 1950

EPCS March 1985 Newsletter

EPCS March 1985 Newsletter Members Only

Bendigo Easter Fair • Beautiful Britain (part three) • The Popish Plot (part one) • The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards (part two) • Nursery Rhymes • The King of Hearts • J.S. Fry & Sons Advertising Packs • Sporting Card Games Part II: Association Football • Ephemera • List of Games by C.W. Faulkner

EPCS November 2007 Newsletter

EPCS November 2007 Newsletter Members Only

Doctor Who • Great Galumphus • The Zoo That Never Was • James English & Co Road • Magicians Autograph Pack • Rules of The Road • Card Football • Mathemax • Karuta • De La Rue Mouldings • DLR Service • Hats Off! • Carrochi • Zovello (part 3 of 3) • Samuel Lewis • Royal Geographical Whist • Questions, Answers, Questions • Jack Hylton • Tax Wrappers 1883-1960 Review • Fancy Goods Journal Advert • Signboards of Playing Card Makers • Porter’s Ale House • Christmas Cards

Football playing cards 2004

Football playing cards

52 different legends from the world of football.

France, Champions du Monde 2018 2018

France, Champions du Monde 2018

Colour photographs of the World Cup-winning French football squad of 2018.

Fussball Quartett 1950

Fussball Quartett

Fussball Quartett by Bielefelder Spielkarten GmbH, c.1950.

Goal Fußball Spielkarten 1930

Goal Fußball Spielkarten

“Goal” Fußball Spielkarten manufactured by Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne Wien, c1930s.

Goal! 1960


Goal! (1st edition) published by Pepys games, 1960.

Gunners Greats Playing Cards

Gunners Greats Playing Cards

Each of the four editions of the magazine included a complete suit from the 52 card deck with every card depicting a legend from Arsenal's history.