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Humour on playing cards can come in many forms, and may take the shape of witty, satirical and amusing images, cartoons or text that are printed on the cards. Humour is often used to add an element of fun and light-heartedness to a game, or to make a product more appealing.

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Golf Playing Cards 1993

Golf Playing Cards

Humorous designs and non-standard pips poking fun at golf and golfers.

Guinness World Records Cards 2011

Guinness World Records Cards

52 Guinness World Records Cards published by if, Pickering, UK, 2011.

Hand Drawn Joker Pack

Hand Drawn Joker Pack

Pack of 52 hand-drawn Jokers.

Happy Families 1920

Happy Families

Happy Families by Norvic Mill, c.1920s.

Housewives Tarot 2004

Housewives Tarot

Retro-style ‘Housewives Tarot’ designed by Paul Kepple & Jude Buffum, published by Quirk Books, 2004.

Hungarian Drinking Skat

Hungarian Drinking Skat

Hungarian Drinking Skat, c.2004.

Illustrated Playing Cards, c.1740 1740

Illustrated Playing Cards, c.1740

Illustrated playing cards featuring comical engravings and rhymes about saints, c.1740.



Inspector card game published by W F Jackson & Sons, 1940s.

Jackspack Royal Navy Playing Cards 1996

Jackspack Royal Navy Playing Cards

54 humorous illustrations of Royal Navy characters and Navy slang.

Jeu Grotesque 1800

Jeu Grotesque

Jeu Grotesque was first published in France c.1800.

Joker Tell 1991

Joker Tell

Comic celebration of 700 years of the Swiss Confederation, 1291-1991, with designs by Roland Gazzotti.

Jolly Jack Tar Snap

Jolly Jack Tar Snap

Jolly Jack Tar Snap made in England, 1920s.

Kawasaki Trump 1971

Kawasaki Trump

Humorous publicity pack for Kawasaki featuring some of their many products.

Keep-em honest playing cards 2006

Keep-em honest playing cards

Keep-em honest playing cards designed by Chris Cooper and published by Dark Horse Deluxe.

Klutz Card Deck 1990

Klutz Card Deck

Klutz Card Deck with comic courts.

Kuningas Artturin Ritarit

Kuningas Artturin Ritarit

“Kuningas Artturin Ritarit” (King Arthur’s Knights) playing cards designed by Mauri Kunnas

La Cour Galante 1979

La Cour Galante

‘La Cour Galante’ playing cards with erotic images by Costante Costantini, Italy, 1979.

Le Golf de Mose 1991

Le Golf de Mose

Humorous cartoons of golfers in action on playing cards by the artist Mose.

Le Jeu des Chats (Dubout) 2006

Le Jeu des Chats (Dubout)

Cartoon-style illustrations of cats on playing cards created by the French artist Albert Dubout.

Les Moyens de Locomotion Insolites 1984

Les Moyens de Locomotion Insolites

Unlikely, ridiculous or just plain impossible means of transport, drawn by Hubert Rublon.