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Corsaires et Flibustiers 1958

Corsaires et Flibustiers

“Corsaires et Flibustiers” playing cards created by G. Delluc and published by Éditions Philibert, Paris, 1958.

EPCS June 2022 Newsletter

EPCS June 2022 Newsletter

This is a free sample of the EPCS Newsletter. This issue contains the following: Silk Cut • Secretary's Notes/Editorial/Feedback • Brian Hinxman • Wrapper Query • Michael Goodall Obituary • Norwegian Pack • Old Character Cards • The Thailand Playing Card Monopoly • Waddington Promotional Material • Lynx Dry • Tringham • The Dread Pirate Roberts • The Hinxman File on Wages • The Beginning of Happy Families • Winstanley 10 of Clubs • Finnish Pack - Pelikortteja • Epic Scenes from the Old Testament

Famous Pirates (2006) 2006

Famous Pirates (2006)

Famous Pirates playing cards with artworks, prints, artefacts & pirate sayings, USA, 2006.

Famous Pirates (2007) 2007

Famous Pirates (2007)

Playing Cards of Famous Pirates published by PostCardusa, 2007.

Highwayman 1950


The game of “Highwayman” published by Chad Valley Company in c.1950 simulates travelling on old Coach Routes and being held up by highwaymen.

Pirate Playing Cards 2011

Pirate Playing Cards

A recurring motif is the symbolism of life and death, playfully rendered in these marvellous cards, including plenty of sabres and skeletons!

Pirates et Corsaires 1984

Pirates et Corsaires

“Pirates et Corsaires” playing cards illustrated by Jean Bruneau, 1984.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End 2009

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Pack featuring six images from the Disney film of the same name, on cards made for Eastern Europe.

Poker Faces

Poker Faces

Poker Faces playing cards were illustrated by Alex Elsen and published by Verlag Um Die Ecke, Germany, 2015

Seven Seas Playing Cards 2013

Seven Seas Playing Cards

The deck is about the dichotomy of a life at sea. Exploring famous sailors, explorers, pirates, and privateers of the age of sail.

Ship Sails 1885

Ship Sails

“Ship Sails” card game c.1885.

Sirocco Playing Cards 2020

Sirocco Playing Cards

Sirocco, nautical themed playing cards by Riffle Shuffle Playing Card Co. and designed by Nathan Oser, 2020.

Steampunk Pirates 2014

Steampunk Pirates

The deck has been inspired by pirates and swashbuckling and the world of Steampunk, a science-fiction realm of steam-powered machinery, intricate cogs and gears.

Tobago playing cards 2004

Tobago playing cards

Tobago playing cards designed by Boriss Mitins, 2004.