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Tobago playing cards

Published September 12, 2022 Updated September 12, 2022

Tobago playing cards designed by Boriss Mitins, 2004.

2004 Latvia Tobago Casino Club Boriss Mitins Pirates Add to Collection
Tobago playing cards, Latvia, 2004

This pack of 52 cards and 2 Jokers was published by the Tobago Casino Club (located in the basement of Hotel Riga, Aspazijas Boulevard 22, Riga, Latvia). A reviewer of this casino wrote: “This casino has the characteristics of a Pirate ship, pirate and buccaneer themed decor. The dealers are dressed as pirates”. Not surprisingly therefore the court cards portray named pirates of the Caribbean, artistically designed by Boriss Mitins. The Aces show typical pirate-associated artefacts (cutlasses, playing cards, swords, rope, pirate flag etc.), while the pip cards are standard. See the box

The pack was published in a limited edition of 1000. The box refers to “2004 series playing cards” which might suggest that the casino produced a different pack each year.

Tobago playing cards, Latvia, 2004 Tobago playing cards, Latvia, 2004 Tobago playing cards, Latvia, 2004

Above: Tobago playing cards published by the Tobago Casino Club, Latvia, 2004. Limited edition of 1000 packs.

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