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Bicentenario della Rivoluzione Francese 1989

Bicentenario della Rivoluzione Francese

Bicentenary of the French Revolution pack produced by Vannini, Florence, Italy, 1989.

French Revolution 1989

French Revolution

Bicentenaire de la Révolution Française 1789–1989 created by Christian Offroy.

Gayant, 1793 1793

Gayant, 1793

French Revolution playing cards published by Gayant in Paris, 1793.

Jeu de l’an 2 1793

Jeu de l’an 2

“Jeu de l’an 2” by Grimaud is a facsimile of French Revolutionary cards first published by Veuve Mouton in c.1793

Jeu de la Révolution 1989

Jeu de la Révolution

Artist Silvia Maddonni’s take on various characters from the French Revolution, in honour of the bicentenary in 1989.

Jeu des Quatre Saisons de l’An II 1793

Jeu des Quatre Saisons de l’An II

“Jeu des Quatre Saisons de l’An II” facsimile of French Revolution deck originally published by J. B. Debeine (Reims) 1793.

La Baraja Constitucional 1822

La Baraja Constitucional

The “Baraja Constitucional” commemorates the declaration in Cádiz of the Constitution of 1812 and was designed and created by Simón Ardit y Quer in 1822

Révolution 1789-1989 1989

Révolution 1789-1989

Révolution 1789-1989, celebrating the bicentenary of the French revolution, France, 1989