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Axe Deodorant 2004

Axe Deodorant

Clearly promoting good personal hygiene, each card shows a young, pouting female model posing seductively and appealing to the playboy.

Cocktail 1925


Aluminium playing cards manufactured by Häusermann United Chemical and Metal Engraving Co., Vienna, c.1925

Esquire Magazine 2002

Esquire Magazine

Promotional deck produced by the British gentleman’s magazine “Esquire” c.2002.

Playboy Fragrances, 2010 2010

Playboy Fragrances, 2010

In 2010 Playboy Fragrances (Coty) released a 'gaming' set promotion comprising two decks of identical cards, one set of five dice and poker chips.

Playboy playing cards 2003

Playboy playing cards

52 different magazine covers from the first 50 years of Playboy.