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Alf Cooke’s Playing Cards

Alf Cooke was an important producer of playing cards and card games in the UK during the period 1920-1970.

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‘501’ playing cards by Alf Cooke 1960

‘501’ playing cards by Alf Cooke

“Five 'o One” playing cards, a version of the Dondorf Rhineland pattern, manufactured by Universal Playing Card Co. Ltd for export to Scandinavia.

7: Brands and Packs

7: Brands and Packs

The introduction of brands commenced during the late 19th century as a development of the old qualities: Moguls, Harrys, Highlanders and Merry Andrews.

Alf Cooke’s Playing Cards 1925

Alf Cooke’s Playing Cards

Alf Cooke was an important producer of playing cards and card games in the UK during the period 1920-1970.

Brighter Families 1930

Brighter Families

“Brighter Families” promotional card game for Cosmos Lamps (Metrovick), 1930

British Playing Cards

British Playing Cards

British Playing Cards Ltd was the predecessor of Universal P.C.Co. and involved Alf Cooke of Leeds and Bemrose of Birmingham, and maybe one or two other printing firms.

Conjuring Decks

Conjuring Decks

Conjuring Decks by Universal Playing Card Co (Alf Cooke) and others...

Crown Point Series 1930

Crown Point Series

The Universal Playing Card Co., Crown Point Series,

Danbrit 1936


Danbrit playing cards by Alf Cooke, 1930s

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Famo 1938


Famo, the historical card game, 1939.

Icelandic Chess playing cards 1942

Icelandic Chess playing cards

Innovative "Icelandic Chess" pack, designed by Tryggvi Magnússon and manufactured by Alf Cooke Ltd (Universal Playing Card Co., Leeds) in 1942.

L. G. Sloan, Ltd 1930

L. G. Sloan, Ltd

'Thames Side' Playing Cards manufactured by The Universal Playing Card Co., Ltd for L. G. Sloan, Ltd., 1930s.

New Bond 1940

New Bond

The New Bond Fabric Finish Playing Cards, made by the Universal Playing Card Co. Ltd.

Non-Revoke 1930


Non-Revoke Playing Cards manufactured by Universal Playing Card Co Ltd for Kum-Bak Sports, Toys & Games, c.1930.

Pictorial 1950


Pictorial Playing Cards - De Luxe - Fabric Finish - manufactured by Alf Cooke Limited (Universal Playing Card Co.)