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27: Cards at Strangers’ Hall, Norwich

27: Cards at Strangers’ Hall, Norwich

There is a very interesting collection of playing cards held at the Strangers' Hall Museum in Norwich.

Deakin’s 1st edition 1886

Deakin’s 1st edition

Deakin & Co., 45 Eastcheap, London EC published a political pack in 1886 with caricatures of political figures relating to the Irish Home Rule movement which was a contentious issue of the day.

Deakin’s 3rd edition 1888

Deakin’s 3rd edition

Deakin’s Political Playing Cards 3rd edition, c.1888.

EPCS May 1992 Newsletter

EPCS May 1992 Newsletter Members Only

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W. H. Willis & Co

W. H. Willis & Co

Willis & Company was formed in 1869, having been preceded by Charles Steer at the same address (80 Long Acre, London), who also manufactured playing cards during the 1850s and 60s.