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Aluette by Dieudonné Jeune, Orléans, c.1850 1850

Aluette by Dieudonné Jeune, Orléans, c.1850

Aluette game by Fabrique Dieudonné Jeune, Orléans, for Spanish market, c.1850.

Antoine Dieudonné c.1850 2007

Antoine Dieudonné c.1850

Reproduction of a pack by Antoine Dieudonné, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, c1850.

Cartes Catalanes

Cartes Catalanes

Cartes Catalanes are used in a small area in the Eastern Pyrenees region of Southern France.

Dieudonné & Cie Aluette

Dieudonné & Cie Aluette

Aluette playing cards manufactured by Dieudonné & Cie, Angers (France), early 20th century.