Aluette playing cards

manufactured by Dieudonné & Cie, Angers (France), early 20th century.

Aluette is a card game popular in Brittany and the West coast of France, usually played with a special pack the design of which is descended from Archaic Franco-Spanish models. The cards have Spanish suit symbols, the courts have become somewhat stylised and many of the numeral cards contain additional decorative motifs or embellishments which were incorporated by earlier manufacturers or are related to the game-play. Traditional (or archaic) features include a kissing couple on the Five of Coins (once the Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella) and a naked child on the Ace of Swords. The Cavalier of Coins is shown in partial back-view.  See also → Lequart Aluette   Dieudonne Catalanes   France-Cartes Aluette 1976

Aluette playing cards by Dieudonné & Cie

Above: Aluette playing cards by Dieudonné & Cie, Angers (France).

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