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37: Late 19th Century Card-Makers and Problem Cases

37: Late 19th Century Card-Makers and Problem Cases

After the Old Frizzle period and the tax was reduced to 3d per pack, from 1862 onwards, a number of makers started up, who hadn't made cards before, although they were part of the paper and pasteboard industry.

66: Adverts and related material 1862-1900

66: Adverts and related material 1862-1900

Some further material relating to cards from nineteenth and twentieth century periodicals.

75: Early American cards

75: Early American cards

An overview of some of the early cards made in the United States.

EPCS August 1988 Newsletter

EPCS August 1988 Newsletter Members Only

Tercentenary William and Mary 1988 • Fortune Telling Card • Lexicon • Joseph Hunt & Son • Collecting Theme: Whisky Distillers • English Jokers • Piquet Packs • SNAP Nursery Rhymes • The Big BAANG: Stock Exchange

EPCS August 1996 Newsletter

EPCS August 1996 Newsletter Members Only

Euro 96 Football • WWII • Frizzle • Women's Suffrage • James English • Peerless Card Co. • Dr Who • Gilbert & Sullivan • Norwich Cathedral • KAN-U-GO • Flora • C.W. Faulkner • Roman Numerals • Heads of House Game • Zetmea • Joseph Hunt & Sons • SNAP • Universal for Denmark • Schweppes Ephemera

EPCS Febuary 1988 Newsletter

EPCS Febuary 1988 Newsletter Members Only

Queen Mary • Healthguard Underwear • Newmarket Multum in Parvo Company • English Standard Card Manufacturers (Part 5) Joseph Hunt & Sons London • Woolley Card Games: OLD MAID and SNAP • Rhymes about Royalty or The Comical Court Cards (Part 3) • KAN-YOU-GO-AGAIN • Not a Lotta Bottle!! • Metropolitan Vickers Lamps • London's Loyal Volunteers: 450th Anniversary of HAC, PANKO, Votes for Women • Waddington pack with no borders to Court Cards • The Big Baang! • Walt Disney Anniversaries • Non-Standard Jokers.

EPCS May 1988 Newsletter

EPCS May 1988 Newsletter Members Only

Royal Air Force • Fortune Telling Card • Hunts Playing Card Manufacturers • KAN-U-GO • Unstamped Cards-Waste Cards-Toy Cards • William Phenomenon • SNAP (Part 3) • Shipping Line • Waddington Five Suit Bridge • Collecting Theme: Whisky Distillers • Cosmos Lamps

EPCS November 1987 Newsletter

EPCS November 1987 Newsletter Members Only

Waddington Festive Season 1980 pack • The Background Story of 'Q' Playing Cards • Rhymes about Royalty or The Comical Court Card (Part 2) • Courtenay Edward Maxwell Pollock & Louis Wain • English Standard Card Manufacturers (Part 4) Joseph Hunt & Son • Card Games for Vanity Fair • A Dickens Mystery • An Early 'Animal Grab' Game • Wider than Wide • P&O 150 Years Anniversary • Olympic Caricature Snap • Naval, Military and Aircraft Packs • Special Christmas 1926 Supplement • Peeps into the Past for Boots.

Hunt & Sons, 1820-1849

Hunt & Sons, 1820-1849

Hunt & Sons (1820-1849) was the first maker to modernise the court card designs with a complete re-drawing.

Transformation c.1880 1880

Transformation c.1880

Transformation playing cards hand-drawn on a pack manufactured by Hunt’s Playing Card Manufacturing Co Ltd c.1880

Why our playing-cards look the way they do

Why our playing-cards look the way they do

Analysis of early playing card designs: origins, suit differences, standardization, technological advancements and key innovations leading to modern designs.