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74: The Wills/Waddington gift scheme 1932

74: The Wills/Waddington gift scheme

The scheme to promote playing cards as gifts by means of inserts in Wills' cigarette packets apparently saved Waddington from their financial problems in 1931. Here are some details of the cards involved.

EPCS January 1986 Newsletter

EPCS January 1986 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS March 1986 Newsletter

EPCS March 1986 Newsletter Members Only

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Heber Mardon (1840-1925)

Heber Mardon (1840-1925)

Heber Mardon was born in 1840. With his father he founded the firm of Mardon and Son which, in 1863, became Mardon, Son & Hall.

Mardon, Son & Hall of Bristol, branch of the Imperial Tobacco Company

Mardon, Son & Hall of Bristol, branch of the Imperial Tobacco Company

A division of Imperial Tobacco, they appear to have made cards almost exclusively for the cigarette token market, which flourished during the 1930s.

Wills Scheme 1933

Wills Scheme

The W.D & H.O. Wills Playing Card promotion of the early 1930s

Wills Scheme page 2

Wills Scheme page 2

W.D & H.O.Wills Playing Card scheme page 2

Wills’s Happy Families game 1930

Wills’s Happy Families game

Wills’s “Happy Families” cards were issued by the Imperial Tobacco Company (of Great Britain and Ireland) Limited in around 1930.