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Fournier No. 55 1940

Fournier No. 55

Naipes Intransparentes de Una Hoja No.55 made by Hijos de Heraclio Fournier (Vitoria) for exportation to Argentina, c.1940.

Gráfica S.A., Bs Aires 1978

Gráfica S.A., Bs Aires

Gráfica S.A. of Buenos Aires has produced a number of brands using the Catalan pattern.

Guarro y Cia Catalan pattern 1904

Guarro y Cia Catalan pattern

Catalan pattern (‘Escudo de Barcelona’) with youthful courts and attractive colouring.

Luis Guarro, c.1920 1920

Luis Guarro, c.1920

Luis Guarro’s “El Caballo con Manta” Catalan pattern by Fabricantes de Naipes de España, c.1920.

Naipes Españoles “El Mexicano”

Naipes Españoles “El Mexicano”

Standard Catalan-type deck, titled "El Mexicano", by an anonymous Argentinean manufacturer, c.1980s.

Wenceslao Guarro Catalan Pattern 1925

Wenceslao Guarro Catalan Pattern

Wenceslao Guarro ‘Escudo de Barcelona’ Catalan Pattern by Fabricantes de Naipes de España, c.1925.