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Standard and Non-standard Playing Cards

Standard and Non-standard Playing Cards

Standard playing cards are based upon traditional designs and are used for card games.

Standard Swiss-German pattern (single-ended) 1950

Standard Swiss-German pattern (single-ended)

20th century version of a single-ended Swiss-German pattern pack for the game of Jass.

Waddington’s “Silkette” Playing Cards 1930

Waddington’s “Silkette” Playing Cards

Cards made by John Waddington Ltd. for the Madras Club, Chennai (formerly Madras), India, c.1930.

Woolley & Co: “Eurekas” 1885

Woolley & Co: “Eurekas”

Woolley & Co: “Eureka” playing cards with rounded corners, small index pips and decorative back design, c.1880-1885.

Woolley & Co: “Second Harrys” 1877

Woolley & Co: “Second Harrys”

Woolley & Co produced a range of different quality playing cards, and these “Second Harrys” are towards the cheaper end of the range.