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Ana Cortez

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Ana Cortez is the author of "The Playing Card Oracles, A Source Book for Divination" and "Oracle Alchemy." Daughter of Oracle creator and illustrator C.J. Freeman, she is a self-described misfit, truth seeker, rule breaker, and freak for the supernatural.

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Psychology, Numerology and playing cards

Numerology assigns significance to individual digits and their combinations, considering them as symbols with inherent meanings.

Geomancy and playing cards - a match meant to be

Playing cards are made of dualities...

Playing Cards and Calendars

In this video Ana Cortez examines the relationship between ordinary playing cards and the calendar.

2002 The Playing Card Oracles

The Playing Card Oracles

The Picture Book of Ana Cortez is an original work of art designed to facilitate Divination.

Playing Card Oracles - Alchemy Edition

Playing Card Oracles - Alchemy Edition - by Charles J. Freeman and Ana Cortez