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53: Some recent acquisitions and corrections

53: Some recent acquisitions and corrections

The following items are additions and alterations to my collection, the rest of which is listed on page 69.

Andrew Dougherty 1848-1930 1848

Andrew Dougherty 1848-1930

Andrew Dougherty was born in Donegal in Northern Ireland in 1827. He started his playing card business in New York in 1848.

Columbian Exposition Souvenir 1893

Columbian Exposition Souvenir

Columbian Exposition Souvenir playing cards, G.W. Clark, Chicago, 1893.

Corner Indices 1864

Corner Indices

Corner Indices were a major innovation in playing card production.

EPCS May 1995 Newsletter

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Ivorette 1883


Dougherty was at the forefront of innovation, adding Best Bowers and then Jokers, rounded corners and various types of indices, or indicators, to his cards.

Triplicate No.18 1878

Triplicate No.18

Dougherty first secured a patent for “Triplicates” in 1876, a novel type of indices with a miniature card in the top left-hand corner (and bottom right).

W. H. Willis & Co

W. H. Willis & Co

Willis & Company was formed in 1869, having been preceded by Charles Steer at the same address (80 Long Acre, London), who also manufactured playing cards during the 1850s and 60s.