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Belgian cardmakers have been actively designing and exporting playing cards since the 14th century.

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Jean Borin

Jean Borin

‘Cartes de Luxe’ with artwork by Belgian artist and designer Jean Borin (1907-1997).

Jeep Playing cards 1945

Jeep Playing cards

Pack of cards celebrating Allied Victory in the Second World War.

Jeu de Cartes No.1

Jeu de Cartes No.1

Henri Meunier was a Belgian Art Nouveau lithographer, etcher, illustrator, bookbinder and poster designer of the Belle Époque. His first introduction to art was in his father's workshop; then he completed his art studies at the Academy d'Ixelles.

Jeu Quatre Empereurs 1883

Jeu Quatre Empereurs

Brazilian scenic aces with emperors of Brazil, Austria and France and other dignitaries on the court cards.

John Player Special 1987

John Player Special

John Player Special non-standard playing cards created by the illustrator Nick Price, 1987

L’union fait la force 1945

L’union fait la force

“L’Union Fait la Force”, sometimes known as “the Allied pack”, has the four suits dedicated to the victorious nations of the Second World War.

Le Jeu des Alliés 1945

Le Jeu des Alliés

“Le Jeu des Alliés” manufactured by Mesmaekers N.V., Turnhout, 1945.

Léonard Biermans, Turnhout 1875

Léonard Biermans, Turnhout

Léonard Biermans had been employed by Brepols from 1871-1874 before opening his own playing card factory in 1875.

Les Cartes pour l'Égalité 2010

Les Cartes pour l'Égalité

Playing cards for gender equality, created on the 500th anniversary of classic French cards

Lion Brand No.1492 : Jet Fuel 1960

Lion Brand No.1492 : Jet Fuel

Advertising deck for "Jet" fuels, and "Lion Brand" No.1429 manufactured in Belgium by Biermans, 1960s.

Lost Boys 1997

Lost Boys

Designs created on the occasion of a chess tournament in Antwerp, 1997.

Louis De Poortere 1970

Louis De Poortere

Psychedelic designs promoting Louis De Poortere, a company selling carpets and rugs.

Luxus Skatkarte Nr.1134

Luxus Skatkarte Nr.1134

Luxus Skatkarte Nr.1134 printed by Brepols for Germany, c.1940s.

M/S Kronprins Harald

M/S Kronprins Harald

Souvenir of Jahre Line Ferry M/S Kronprins Harald

Manuf’d for L.N. Mann

Manuf’d for L.N. Mann

Standard English pattern manuf’d for L.N. Mann by Van Genechten, c.1890.

Maquettes for an unpublished WWI pack 1915

Maquettes for an unpublished WWI pack

Original designs depicting leaders and allegories from Russia, France, Great Britain and Belgium.

Max Velthuijs for KLM 1964

Max Velthuijs for KLM

Playing cards designed by Max Velthuijs for KLM airlines first published c.1964

Mesmaekers & Moentack, c.1860 1860

Mesmaekers & Moentack, c.1860

The Mesmaekers firm had been established in Turnhout in 1859 by the partnership of Gustaaf Mesmaekers and Louis-François Moentack.

Mesmaekers Spanish Pack, c.1875 1875

Mesmaekers Spanish Pack, c.1875

Mesmaekers Spanish Pack for export to Spanish colonies and South American countries, c.1875

Mickey for Kids

Mickey for Kids

Mickey for Kids playing cards from Disney.