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Playing Cards from Czechoslovakia


The Republic of Czechoslovakia was founded in 1918 from the former Austro-Hungarian empire.

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Jan Becher playing cards 1988

Jan Becher playing cards

Publicity pack for Jan Becher, a Czech liqueur company, with modified international courts.

Kamarát Toy Cards 1987

Kamarát Toy Cards

Kamarát miniature toy playing cards from Czechoslovakia.

OTK Bridge-Rummy 1990

OTK Bridge-Rummy

OTK Bridge-Rummy by Obchodní Tiskărny, c.1990.

Prague 1908 Jubilee 1908

Prague 1908 Jubilee

This special pack of playing cards, published in 1908, was available at the Jubilee Exhibition held in Prague.

Ritter & Cie, 1933 1933

Ritter & Cie, 1933

A colourful re-working of the standard Anglo-American pattern in Art Deco style.

ZPA Trutnov 1988

ZPA Trutnov

Publicity pack for a Czech company making mains receivers and electrical control units.