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Playing Cards from Latin America

Latin American Playing Cards

Playing cards had been introduced to the Americas with explorers such as Columbus or Cortés, whose fellow countrymen were keen gamblers. Cards were imported from Spain since the 16th century. Local production usually imitated Spanish cards.

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South American Costumes 1860

South American Costumes

Costumes of people of Brazil, Peru and Mexico, with views of Rio de Janeiro on the aces.

South American Gaucho Playing Cards

South American Gaucho Playing Cards

Gaucho Playing Cards from South America

Spanish Cards c.1920

Spanish Cards c.1920

Spanish-suited Playing Cards manufactured by Van Genechten, c.1920.

Spanish suited pack for Nestlé

Spanish suited pack for Nestlé

Spanish-suited pack produced by Chas Goodall & Son Ltd for South America.

Supermercados CHIP 1979

Supermercados CHIP

Supermercados CHIP playing cards manufactured in Uruguay by Compañía General de Fósforos Montevideana, 1979

Swiss Spanish-Suited Cards, c.1875 1875

Swiss Spanish-Suited Cards, c.1875

Spanish-suited playing cards manufactured by J. Müller for export to Latin American countries, c.1875.

The ‘Parisian’ Spanish pattern

The ‘Parisian’ Spanish pattern

A version of the old Spanish National pattern which was manufactured by Parisian card makers in the 19th century for export to South America.

The Hemp Culture Playing Cards 1998

The Hemp Culture Playing Cards

There is an underlying element of subtle humour in these cleverly designed playing cards, gently questioning the issue of legality.

Uruguayan Playing Cards

Uruguayan Playing Cards

Until the 19th century playing cards were imported into Uruguay from Spain.

Vistas del Perú, c.1920s 1920

Vistas del Perú, c.1920s

Vistas del Perú souvenir deck, made in USA and imported by Edw. E. Muecke, Lima, Peru, c.1920s.