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Africa playing cards 2012

Africa playing cards

According to the United Nations there are 54 countries on the continent of Africa

African Renaissance Deck 2000

African Renaissance Deck

African Renaissance Deck published for Nkosi's Haven, South Africa, 2000.

Castle Lager 2012

Castle Lager

Castle Lager playing cards, c.2012.

Drum playing cards

Drum playing cards

Drum playing cards depicting demographically diverse Africans of different ethnicities.

EPCS June 2003 Newsletter

EPCS June 2003 Newsletter Members Only

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Mr Bok 1930

Mr Bok

The Merry Game of Mr Bok and his Happy Families, promoting Bok furniture polish, 1930s.

Protea Bridge 999

Protea Bridge 999

Bridge size deck with non-standard suit colours, blue diamonds & green clubs, manufactured by Protea Playing Card Company, Johannesburg.

San Playing Cards 2000

San Playing Cards

Rock paintings and engravings of the San people, better known as the “Bushmen”.

Sandton City

Sandton City

African tribal mask playing cards for Sandton City, Johannesburg.

South Africa

South Africa

Protea Playing Card Company, Johannesburg

South Africa Souvenir 1910

South Africa Souvenir

Photographic views of South Africa and Rhodesia.

The Blue Train (Bloutrein)

The Blue Train (Bloutrein)

“The Blue Train” playing cards from the luxury train service in South Africa.

Wüst playing cards with International scenic aces 1900

Wüst playing cards with International scenic aces

A rarely seen pack of cards