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53: Some recent acquisitions and corrections

53: Some recent acquisitions and corrections

The following items are additions and alterations to my collection, the rest of which is listed on page 69.

Altenburger Bauerntrachten 1982

Altenburger Bauerntrachten

“Altenburger Bauerntrachten” commemorating 150 years of playing cards from Altenburg, designed by Andreas Wachter, 1982.

American Skat 1889

American Skat

These decks were produced in various grades for the German immigrant population and feature the German eagle and the German and American flags intertwined. There were two versions: one with German faces and one with American faces.

Angler Skat 1981

Angler Skat

Angler Skat manufactured by VEB Altenburg, c.1981

B & K Skat 1971

B & K Skat

Publicity pack designed by Henning Loerzer for Busskamp & Koch, an advertising agency in Munich.

Bau-Skat playing cards 2005

Bau-Skat playing cards

Comic illustrations of people working in the building trade.

Bofinger’s Reise-Skat 1993

Bofinger’s Reise-Skat

Advertising pack for a travel company with humorous illustrations of all sorts of travellers.

Borna Skat 1990

Borna Skat

Publicity pack for the Saxon town of Borna, with designs by Andreas Wachter.

Das Tübinger Skatspiel 1987

Das Tübinger Skatspiel

Pack devised by Volker Scheub depicting characters associated with the city of Tübingen.

escART, ec-ART, SKAT 1978

escART, ec-ART, SKAT

Fully illustrated pack printed from etchings by Johannes Vennekamp.

Geprüfte Sicherheit 1978

Geprüfte Sicherheit

Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Accident Research, 1978

Gorleben soll leben! 1979

Gorleben soll leben!

Skat deck produced by opponents of atomic energy and the dumping of radioactive waste.

Gundlach Skat No.100 1949

Gundlach Skat No.100

Skat No.100 by E. Gundlach, Bielefeld, 1949.

Hungarian Drinking Skat

Hungarian Drinking Skat

Hungarian Drinking Skat, c.2004.

Jagd Skat 1980

Jagd Skat

German-suited hunting themed deck designed by Günter Schmitz and made by VEB Altenburg, 1980.

Leipzig Exhibition Skat, 1897 1897

Leipzig Exhibition Skat, 1897

“Leipziger Skat-Karte” depicting scenes from the Leipzig Industry and Trade Exhibition designed by Arthur Lewin, 1897.

Loriot Rummy 1973

Loriot Rummy

Delightful comical deck designed by Loriot, the German cartoonist and comedian, 1973.

Löwen Entertainment 1986

Löwen Entertainment

Skat deck for Löwen Entertainment, producers of electronic gaming machines, 1986

Luxus Skatkarte Nr.1134

Luxus Skatkarte Nr.1134

Luxus Skatkarte Nr.1134 printed by Brepols for Germany, c.1940s.

Merz Pharma Skat 1989

Merz Pharma Skat

Comic designs promoting Merz Pharma, a German drug company.