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Aquae Sulis 1990

Aquae Sulis

‘Aquae Sulis’ is Georgina Harvey's second design, in which the double-ended courts are reminiscent of classical gods & goddesses.

Bath and the Cotswolds 1990

Bath and the Cotswolds

“Bath and the Cotswolds” souvenir pack of cards published by John McLean of Edinburgh, c.1990.

Karl Gerich no.23: “Beautiful Bath” 1996

Karl Gerich no.23: “Beautiful Bath”

Beautiful Bath is a hand-made pack by Karl Gerich which was published in 1996.

Karl Gerich No.33: Views of Bath 1992

Karl Gerich No.33: Views of Bath

Views of Bath is Georgina Harvey's third design, created in 1990. The cards feature beautifully designed double-ended courts and double-ended Aces with a central band which is used to identify different views of the City of Bath at each end.