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52 Chess Openings 2008

52 Chess Openings

52 chess openings published by SynHeme Inc., Canada.

Chinese Playing Cards 中国纸牌

Chinese Playing Cards 中国纸牌

The Chinese took their cards with them wherever they travelled and traded in the East, and we find Chinese cards in use not only in the mainland but also in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, North Borneo and Vietnam.

Icelandic Chess playing cards 1942

Icelandic Chess playing cards

Innovative "Icelandic Chess" pack, designed by Tryggvi Magnússon and manufactured by Alf Cooke Ltd (Universal Playing Card Co., Leeds) in 1942.

Jaques Advertising Leaflet

Jaques Advertising Leaflet

Jaques Advertising Leaflet showing Lawn tennis, Table Billiards, Staunton Chess, Croquet, etc.

Lo Cartescacco / Chess playing cards 1981

Lo Cartescacco / Chess playing cards

Playing cards designed by F. Romagnoli bringing together Chess and Bridge, Italy, c. 1981.

Lost Boys 1997

Lost Boys

Designs created on the occasion of a chess tournament in Antwerp, 1997.

Tam Cúc  三菊

Tam Cúc 三菊

Tam Cúc playing cards from Vietnam (Việt Nam), based on Chinese chess, 2016