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“Double Happiness” brand Hakka [客家] playing cards used by Hakka ethnic communities who have a separate identity from Cantonese,

Tam Cúc 三菊

Tam Cúc playing cards from Vietnam (Việt Nam), based on Chinese chess, 2016

1900 Four Colour Cards / 四色牌 / Si Sek Pai

Four Colour Cards / 四色牌 / Si Sek Pai

Four Colour Cards made in Belgium for Far Eastern markets

1901 Ceki Cards

Ceki Cards

Indonesian Ceki cards

Hokkien Four Colour Cards

The characters on the cards are written one way for red and yellow, and another for green and white. They are: 將 士 象 車 馬 包 兵 for white and green; 帥 仕 相 俥 傌 炮 卒 for red and yellow.

1984 Donkey game from Malaysia

Donkey game from Malaysia

“Donkey” children's card game designed and created by Ooi Yan Hee, manufactured by Hee Trading Co., Malaysia, 1984

Uta Garuta

These cards are basically a poetry anthology (the Hyakunin Isshu, or 百人一首), transposed onto cards.

Komaru 小丸

The usual composition appears to be a series of pips from 1-9, and a court card repeated 4 times. Some of the pips are decorated with silver overprints.

Japanese Kurofuda 黑札

The name means “Black cards”, which is especially true of you look at the suit of batons. The horse's legs can be recognised on the Cavaliers.


After Mekuri games such as Unsun Karuta and Tenshô Karuta were banned by the authorities, especially if played with foreign cards, their appearance was disguised.


Kabufuda playing cards manufactured by Nintendo, Japan


Hwatu - Korean Flower Cards. The cards are printed on thick, red plastic, instead of the laminated board (with turnover edges), used in Japan.


Gnau, a Norwegian Card Game

Chinese Fortune Telling Cards

Fortune Telling Cards - wondrous scientific divination poker cards.

Hee Trading Co

Hee Trading Co., Malaysia, manufacture board games, jig-saw puzzles, chess sets, games compendiums as well as card games such as Happy Families, Donkey and Snap.

Minnie Patience

Minnie Patience. The backs show images of Mickey & Minnie mouse dancing together.


Mahjongg is usually played with tiles, which are Chinese playing cards made in solid form...

Playing Cards from Malaysia

Playing Cards from Malaysia.

Double Elephant & Double Dragon

Double Elephant brand Four Colour cards