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Baraja Aragonesa 1979

Baraja Aragonesa

Celebrating the costumes, architecture, coins and crafts of Aragon in Spain, with designs by Raúl Rodriguez Segurado.

Country Craftsmen 1978

Country Craftsmen

“Country Craftsmen” Happy Families with illustrations by Mandy Hall, published for the National Trust by Dinosaur Publications Ltd, 1978.

Crocheter’s Playing Cards 2021

Crocheter’s Playing Cards

Crocheter’s playing cards sent to subscribers of the Crochet Society box, 2021.

Hand-painted and Silk-inlaid playing cards 1690

Hand-painted and Silk-inlaid playing cards

Complete pack of 36 hand-painted and silk-inlaid playing cards with French suits made in Germany.

Les Artisans Tunisiens

Les Artisans Tunisiens

“Les Artisans Tunisiens” Jeu de Sept Familles published by Éditions de la Mediterranée, Alpha S.A., Tunis

Matryoshka playing cards

Matryoshka playing cards

The first nested doll set was carved in 1890.

Nederlands Stedenkwartet 1970

Nederlands Stedenkwartet

Nederlands Stedenkwartet with heraldic needlepoint patterns by Permin, c.1970.

Production Methods for Small Scale Editions

Production Methods for Small Scale Editions

Some alternative approaches to producing small, hand-made editions of playing cards