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The playing card calls for artistic treatment and although the constrained size imposes some limitations there is an almost bewildering wealth and variety of designs in playing cards and their tuck boxes. The serious player requires design to be unobtrusive so that aesthetic considerations remain in the background. However, with modern manufacturing technology more eye-catching designs are becoming popular as gifts, collectibles and for their attractive appearance.

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Vizaĝo playing cards 2017

Vizaĝo playing cards

Vizaĝo playing cards created by Annette Abolins, 2017.

Waddington’s 1940 Trade Brochure 1940

Waddington’s 1940 Trade Brochure

Waddington’s 1940 Trade Brochure.

Waddington’s Sporting Birds Series 1933 1933

Waddington’s Sporting Birds Series 1933

Waddington’s Sporting Birds Series 1933.

Waisenfond 1916


Intended to attract donations on behalf of the Imperial Royal Austrian Military Widows’ and Orphans’ Fund, this elegant and refined deck was designed by Nellie Stern. The deck was printed by Ferdinand Piatnik & Söhne, Vienna in 1916.

Warburg Luxus Bridgekort 1930

Warburg Luxus Bridgekort

“Luxus Bridgekort” was specially designed by Barbara MacDonald in a vibrant Art Deco style for Warburg of Denmark in c.1930, and printed by Universal Playing Card Co. Ltd (England).

Whimsical Playing Cards 2016

Whimsical Playing Cards

Whimsical Playing Cards by Turkish designer & illustrator Oksal Yesilok, 2016.

White Palekh 1982

White Palekh

“White Palekh” was first published by the The Colour Printing Plant in St. Petersburg in 1982 with designs by Pavel Bazhenov.

Wild! by Peter Wood

Wild! by Peter Wood

Wild! by Peter Wood.

World Bridge 1953

World Bridge

‘World Bridge’ produced by Modiano in Trieste, Italy, since around 1950.

Year of the Child 1979

Year of the Child

Year of the Child commemorative deck designed by Jhan Paulussen, 1979.