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Dynastie Royale de Belgique 1934

Dynastie Royale de Belgique

Dynastie Royale de Belgique by Mesmaekers, 1934.

Historical playing cards, 1897 1897

Historical playing cards, 1897

Russian “Historical” playing cards with designs by Nikolay Karazin, 1897

Kings of India playing cards 2015

Kings of India playing cards

Kings of India playing cards depicting the four greatest dynasties of India.

Peterhof 1999


“Peterhof” deck manufactured at the St Petersburg Colour Printing Plant in 1999.

Russian “Historical” 1920

Russian “Historical”

Russian “Historical extra fine No.204” Playing Cards depicting Ancient Dynasties, 1920s.

Vasa Dynasty

Vasa Dynasty

The House of Vasa was the royal house of Sweden 1523–1654 and subsequent rulers have emphasized their Vasa descent through a female line