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Humour on playing cards can come in many forms, and may take the shape of witty, satirical and amusing images, cartoons or text that are printed on the cards. Humour is often used to add an element of fun and light-heartedness to a game, or to make a product more appealing.

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Capilettor 1978


Capilettor cartoon playing cards published by ASS, Leinfelden, 1978.

Carte da gioco anticomuniste del Comitato civico 1951

Carte da gioco anticomuniste del Comitato civico

Anti-Communist propaganda pack with satirical designs by Benito Jacovitti.

Cartes Comiques, 1870-1888

Cartes Comiques, 1870-1888

“Cartes Comiques”, published by B. Dondorf, printed by chromolithography, c.1870-1888.

Cat Chaos 2017

Cat Chaos

‘Cat Chaos Celebrity Edition’ card game by Ginger Fox Ltd., 2017.

Cefacidal 1975


“Cefacidal” / Mead Johnson medical humour advertising playing cards, c.1975.

Chicken Playing Cards 2017

Chicken Playing Cards

Chicken Playing Cards designed by Susan Krupp, 2017.

Christmas Playing Cards 1986

Christmas Playing Cards

Christmas Playing Cards published by Novelty Playing Cards, Syracuse, New York, 1986.

Comic Question & Answer cards 1850

Comic Question & Answer cards

Comic Question & Answer cards by Josh. Reynolds & Sons, circa 1850.

Comical Dominoes

Comical Dominoes

Comical Dominoes game manufactured in Germany by J. W. Spear & Sons, early 1900s

Coricidin Demilets 1967

Coricidin Demilets

Coricidin Demilets pharmaceutical playing cards, 1967.

Crikey! 2013


Crikey! Classic British Comics playing cards published by Bird Playing Cards, 2013.

David Shrigley Ace playing cards 2014

David Shrigley Ace playing cards

David Shrigley Ace playing cards, United Kingdom, 2014

E.P.C.S. Competitions

E.P.C.S. Competitions

Do you know any good playing card related cartoons or jokes?

Eisbergfreistadt Panoramische Spielkarte 1923 2006

Eisbergfreistadt Panoramische Spielkarte 1923

‘Iceberg Free State 1923’ fantasy playing cards with a cautionary moral lesson, Germany, 2006.

El Tripero 2002

El Tripero

Hand-drawn semi-erotic, satirical playing cards by Lautaro Fiszman ‘El Tripero’, 2002.

Folio Society Clare Mackie playing cards 2010

Folio Society Clare Mackie playing cards

Folio Society Clare Mackie playing cards with playful and charming designs.

Forfeits 1950


Forfeits party card game by Merit Games, J & L Randall Ltd, c.1950.

Fortune-Telling Cards 1850

Fortune-Telling Cards

Comic Fortune-Telling Cards published by Reynolds & Sons, c.1850.

Fred Basset 1977

Fred Basset

Fred Basset card game published by Pepys in 1977 based on the cartoon strip by Alex Graham.

Funny Snap 1920

Funny Snap

Funny Snap one penny game designed in England, printed in Bavaria, c.1920.