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A Bouquet of Pheasants 2019

A Bouquet of Pheasants

A Bouquet of Pheasants playing cards produced by Jennifer Gaudion, United Kingdom, 2019.

D’Ye Ken John Peel 1920

D’Ye Ken John Peel

“D’Ye Ken John Peel” by Greta Games, Carlisle, c.1920.

EPCS July 1984 Newsletter

EPCS July 1984 Newsletter Members Only

The Jack of Clubs (The English Court: Part 1) • Happy Families • London Cries • An Exciting Discovery

Flemish Hunting Deck 1480

Flemish Hunting Deck

Set of medieval playing cards with King, Queen, Knave and numeral cards from one to ten in each of four suits which refer to the activity of hunting, as practiced by the nobility.

Fox & Hounds 1899

Fox & Hounds

Fox & Hounds card game published by C.W. Faulkner & Co., c.1899.

German hunting pack by Theodor Wegener 1868

German hunting pack by Theodor Wegener

Hunters, animals and birds feature on all but the Kings in this pack by Theodor Wegener, c.1863-70.

Hunter’s Bridge 1976

Hunter’s Bridge

“Hunter’s Bridge” playing cards by ASS depicting animals and associated symbols of hunting, c.1976.

Hunting Depicted on Playing Cards

Hunting Depicted on Playing Cards

In the Middle Ages hunting was an integral part of life.

Hunting playing cards 2005

Hunting playing cards

Hunting playing cards / “Okhotnich’i karty” with illustrations by the court artist Mihály Zichy.

Inglewood Hunting Deck 2023

Inglewood Hunting Deck

Inglewood Hunting Deck created by Ian Cumpstey, United Kingdom, 2023.

Jagd Skat 1980

Jagd Skat

German-suited hunting themed deck designed by Günter Schmitz and made by VEB Altenburg, 1980.

Jägerkarte Nr.465 1930

Jägerkarte Nr.465

Dondorf Jägerkarte Nr. 465 playing cards dedicated to the theme of hunting, c.1930.

James Purdey Signature playing cards 2019

James Purdey Signature playing cards

James Purdey & Sons is a long-established gun manufacturer founded in 1814 in London.

Pack of Prejudice 2003

Pack of Prejudice

A political pack produced by the Countryside Alliance about a ban on hunting.

Spielkarte für Schützen 1966

Spielkarte für Schützen

“Spielkarte für Schützen” deck designed by Karl Heinz Lanz, published by Rudolf Bechtold and Co., c.1966

St Hubert’s Bridge 1956

St Hubert’s Bridge

“St Hubert’s Bridge” published by Éditions Philibert, Paris, c.1956.

Stuttgart pack, c.1430 1430

Stuttgart pack, c.1430

The luxury, hand-painted Stuttgart Cards (Stuttgarter Kartenspiel) dated c.1430, with suits of ducks, falcons, stags and hounds.

The Princely Hunting pack, c.1440 1440

The Princely Hunting pack, c.1440

The Princely Hunting Pack, c.1440/45, is attributed to Konrad Witz and his workshop in Basle.

Waddington’s Sporting Series 1933

Waddington’s Sporting Series

Waddington’s Sporting Series, 1933.

Wild und Hund Skat 1977

Wild und Hund Skat

Hunting deck designed by Walter Niedl for “Wild und Hund” magazine, c.1977