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Das Kupferstichspiel des I.M.F. von 1617 1617

Das Kupferstichspiel des I.M.F. von 1617

Playing cards had been made as precious objects for wealthy clients since the late 14th century. They were made to look at, admire and to keep in curiosity cabinets, or perhaps to entertain ladies or educate children rather than to play with.

El Barco 1895

El Barco

El Barco playing cards designed by E. Pastor, Valencia, Spain, c.1895

Illuminated Playing Cards, c.1865

Illuminated Playing Cards, c.1865

Facsimile edition of Andrew Dougherty's Illuminated deck, c.1865, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., and described as 'Civil War Illuminated Poker Deck'

Jeanne d’Arc, “La pucelle d’Orléans” 1976

Jeanne d’Arc, “La pucelle d’Orléans”

Joan of Arc and her contemporaries in a colourful pack designed by Patrice Louis.

Jeu de cartes abécédaire 1840

Jeu de cartes abécédaire

An educational card game designed by F. Séré and published by Lithographie Musicale de Boboeuf, Paris 1840.

Liber Ludorum 2019

Liber Ludorum

Liber Ludorum playing cards created by Ian Cumpstey in the insular style, United Kingdom, 2019.

Medieval Life playing cards 1988

Medieval Life playing cards

‘Medium Aevum’ (Medieval Life) playing cards designed by Violeta Monreal, published by Heraclio Fournier c.1988.

The Key to the Kingdom 1992

The Key to the Kingdom

“The Key to the Kingdom”, an enchanted deck of illuminated playing cards designed by Tony Meeuwissen based around traditional rhymes and verses.