Key to the Kingdom

Tony Meeuwissen’s “Key to the Kingdom” - an enchanted deck - is a magnificent set of illuminated and transformed playing cards published by Pavilion Books Ltd in 1992. Demonstrating an extraordinary level of craftsmanship, without the aid of digital technology, the illustrations are inspired by traditional rhymes or verses and can be used for a guessing game to correctly identify each verse from the cards. It is not strictly a true transformation deck because the pips are not in their conventional positions, nevertheless we can marvel at the beauty and ingenuity of the artist’s creativity, incorporating the playing card pips into the images. Tony Meeuwissen’s award winning artwork has also appeared on postage stamps, book and record covers and in leading magazines   see more

The 12 Court Cards

“Key to the Kingdom” - an enchanted deck -  illuminated playing cards designed by Tony Meeuwissen, 1992. © Pavilion Books Company Limited

Above: cards from “Key to the Kingdom” illuminated playing cards designed by Tony Meeuwissen, © Pavilion Books Ltd  Images courtesy Rex Pitts.

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