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American Drummer 1975

American Drummer

American Drummer Playing Cards celebrating famous Americans involved in the fight for American independence.

Bavarian Military Cards 1880

Bavarian Military Cards

The King of Acorns is supposed to represent Prince Otto; the King of Leaves is Maximilian II; the King of Bells is Ludwig II; the King of Hearts is Ludwig I wearing a general's uniform.

Caleb Bartlett 1840

Caleb Bartlett

Caleb Bartlett patriotic deck (reproduction), around 1835-40.

EPCS August 1987 Newsletter

EPCS August 1987 Newsletter Members Only

De La Rue 'Q' Playing Cards • English Standard Card Manufacturers (Part 3) Woolley & Co, Darling & Son • Rhymes about Royalty or The Comical Court Cards • Tower Press Happy Families • Special packs for Defective sight • Pepys Card Games (Part 1) SPEED • Collecting Theme: Whisky Distillers - John Dewar & Sons • 100th Anniversary of Q Victoria's Golden Jubilee • Snap (Part 3) Robert Bros 'Glevum Series' • Waddington Trade Names Kingsway 'Patriotic' Playing Card

EPCS November 1997 Newsletter

EPCS November 1997 Newsletter Members Only

Tribute to Diana Princess of Wales • Battle of Cambrai 1917 • Goodall Transformation • BEZIQUE Music • Golden Wedding of The Queen & Duke of Edinburgh • Jackspack • Cotswold Happy Families • I can't believe it's not butter • Animal Snap • Hall & Son • Tit-Bits • LEXICON (French Edition) • Dickens Mystery • Jazz • Floral • Radiant • Game of Animals • Isle of Man (Part 10) • William Kimberley Royal National Patriotic • Millennium Projects • Waddington American War of Independence

Flutter Met St George

Flutter Met St George

‘St George and the Dragon’ game made by Chad Valley for Flutter Met Games, 1930s.

Goodall 1915-1916 Sample Book 1915

Goodall 1915-1916 Sample Book

Complete contents of a sample book by Goodall & Sons

Kimberley 1892


Kimberley’s Royal National Patriotic playing cards, c.1892-1905.

Kimberley 1892 1892

Kimberley 1892

William Kimberley applied for a patent in respect of his improved playing cards in February 1892 and his application was fully accepted that year.

Kimberley’s Royal National Patriotic playing cards, c.1902 1902

Kimberley’s Royal National Patriotic playing cards, c.1902

This edition has standard corner indices replacing the words King, Queen and Jack, and also contains a “Jolly Joker” depicting a lady holding an Ace of Hearts.

Komandirskie [Commanders] 1997

Komandirskie [Commanders]

‘Komandirskie’ military-themed playing cards from Russia, 1997.

Patriotic Misfitz 1906

Patriotic Misfitz

Patriotic Misfitz published by C.W Faulkner & Co, Ltd, c.1906.

Soviet propaganda posters

Soviet propaganda posters

Propaganda posters of the Soviet Union.

The Liberty Deck 1994

The Liberty Deck

Portraits, signatures and brief biographies of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Tyrolean Playing Cards 1878

Tyrolean Playing Cards

Facsimile of patriotic 1878 Tyrolean playing cards published by Piatnik in 1992.