Bavarian Military Cards

Bayerische Militärkarte / Bavarian Military Cards

manufactured by Johann Conrad Jegel (1791-1837), Nürnberg

The bright images on these finely engraved patriotic playing cards with a military theme are coloured with stencils. The uniforms are coloured in mainly green and blue, and the Kings are not actually wearing their crowns. The King of Acorns is supposed to represent Crown Prince Otto I; the King of Leaves is Maximilian II; the King of Bells is Ludwig II; the King of Hearts is Ludwig I wearing a general's uniform. The court cards are all male, but some of the numeral cards depict women as well as military objects. This appears to be a later edition produced after 1879.

Above: German-suited "Bayerische Militärkarte" (Bavarian Military Cards) manufactured by Johann Conrad Jegel (1791-1837), 36 cards, single-ended, stencil coloured, 10.4 x 5.8 cm. The Two of Hearts has a tax stamp with a double-headed eagle and the inscription "Deutsches Reich - Dreissig Pf. No.52". The back is a cross-grid pattern. Images courtesy Rod Starling.


"Geschichte Auf Spielkarten 1789-1871", Deutsches Spielkartenmuseum, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, 1987

All images on this page are from the collection of Rod Starling, author of "The Art and Pleasures of Playing Cards".

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