Caleb Bartlett

Old Sturbridge Village reproduction deck. The original, with illustrated courts and non-standard pip colours, was first compiled by Caleb Bartlett but published after he had been taken over by Abbot & Ely, as mentioned on the ace of spades, in around 1835 to 1840. The cards have a lot in common with other early patriotic decks by Jaz Ford and J. Y. Humphries incorporating historical and allegorical figures

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Caleb Bartlett also made a copy of Ackermann's Transformation pack in 1833.

Old Sturbridge Village Repro Caleb Bartlett pack Old Sturbridge Village Repro Caleb Bartlett pack

Above: Old Sturbridge Village repro Caleb Bartlett pack.

Feb 1825
Caleb Bartlett, c.1830

Above: standard cards by Caleb Bartlett, dating from around 1830. One nice feature of the courts is that they all have the makers initials embedded in the design, a feature that can aid in identification.

Caleb Bartlett, c.1830

Above: Caleb Bartlett, c.1830.

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