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Political playing cards were introduced in the 17th century providing entertainment by satirising or deriding current events and leaders. Propaganda cards, Imperial decks, war cards and even educational card games all carry a message which relates to the politics of memory, the means by which events are remembered and recorded, the way history is written and passed on. Historical memory can be used to arouse emotional reactions...

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House of Cards: Deck of Bush 2003

House of Cards: Deck of Bush

House of Cards: Deck of Bush playing cards presenting reasons not to re-elect President Bush for a second term, USA, 2003.

House of Commons Playing Cards 2007

House of Commons Playing Cards

House of Commons playing cards designed to serve as a civic guide to the UK Parliament.

Imperial Royal Pack 1828

Imperial Royal Pack

Imperial Royal Playing Cards published by S. & J. Fuller, London, 1828. The court cards show portraits of historical figures of England, Spain, Turkey and France.

In der Fuehrer’s Face 1945

In der Fuehrer’s Face

“In der Fuehrer’s Face” playing cards designed in 1945 by Antonio Arias Bernal, a Mexican artist, but not published until 2002.

International Playing Cards 1874

International Playing Cards

Designed by Reuben Townroe (1835-1911), the artist who designed the ornamented terra cotta work on the exterior of the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards 2003

Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards

Playing cards used to help troops identify the most-wanted members of Saddam Hussein's government. 2003.

Jeep Playing cards 1945

Jeep Playing cards

Pack of cards celebrating Allied Victory in the Second World War.

Jeu de la V<sup>me</sup> 1977

Jeu de la Vme

A political pack designed by Pino Zac and published in 1977 by Editions Arts et Lettres.

Jeu des Quatre Saisons de l’An II 1793

Jeu des Quatre Saisons de l’An II

“Jeu des Quatre Saisons de l’An II” facsimile of French Revolution deck originally published by J. B. Debeine (Reims) 1793.

Jeu Quatre Empereurs 1883

Jeu Quatre Empereurs

Brazilian scenic aces with emperors of Brazil, Austria and France and other dignitaries on the court cards.

John F. Kerry Presidential deck 2004

John F. Kerry Presidential deck

John F. Kerry Presidential playing card deck in support of his election campaign of 2004.

Joker’s wild: Dubya’s trick deck 2004

Joker’s wild: Dubya’s trick deck

“Joker’s wild: Dubya’s trick deck” satirical playing cards published by Seven Stories Press in 2004.

Jungle Parties 1987

Jungle Parties

“Jungle Parties” or “Playing Politics '87” designed & drawn by Patrick Cuenot.

K Deck 2004

K Deck

“K Deck” political playing cards, USA, c. 2004.

Kaiser Jubiläum 1898

Kaiser Jubiläum

Kaiser Jubiläum Imperial playing cards made in Austria by Ferd Piatnik & Sons, Vienna.

Kennedy Kards 1963

Kennedy Kards

‘Kennedy Kards’ playing cards with satirical portrayals of the Kennedy clan, USA, 1963

Kimberley 1892 1892

Kimberley 1892

William Kimberley applied for a patent in respect of his improved playing cards in February 1892 and his application was fully accepted that year.

Kings and Queens of Brazil & Portugal 1870

Kings and Queens of Brazil & Portugal

Historical playing cards by C. L. Wüst depicting monarchs of Brazil and Portugal.

Knavery of the Rump, 1679 1679

Knavery of the Rump, 1679

The Knavery of the Rump playing cards, first published in 1679, are a satirical portrayal of Oliver Cromwell's Government. The illustrations on the cards provide a rare visual impression of the times.

Know your deplorables 2017

Know your deplorables

Photographs of political and media figures associated with the Presidency of Donald Trump (2017-2021).