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Jaques’ Games

Jaques’ Games

John Jaques & Son (established in 1795) published a large range of popular parlour games, many of which have become classics.

Jaques’ Illustrated Proverbs 1870

Jaques’ Illustrated Proverbs

Jaques’ Illustrated Proverbs, c.1870. The complete proverb is printed along the top of each card in the set.

Nap 1900


Nap card games published by Multum in Parvo Ltd, London, c.1900

O Baralho dos Provérbios! 2016

O Baralho dos Provérbios!

Portuguese proverbs in combination with special courts and suit-signs published by Apenas Livros, Lisbon.

Picture Proverbs 1890

Picture Proverbs

Picture Proverbs was a Victorian card game illustrating popular proverbs which were seen as words of wisdom.

Pips in Proverbs 2009

Pips in Proverbs

Wonderful ‘Pips in Proverbs’ playing cards created by Jennifer Gaudion, United Kingdom, 2009.



Proverbs by Norvic Mill, 1920s.

Proverbs and Maxims

Proverbs and Maxims

Naipe Infantil Gauchito children’s miniature playing cards with Proverbs and Maxims on the reverse,

William Warter 1698

William Warter

William Warter's Proverbial Cards, which carry illustrations of old English proverbs, were first published in 1698.