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Souvenir Playing Cards

Souvenir Playing Cards

Tourist souvenir playing cards depict the aesthetic, political, social and economic conceptions of the countries to which they belong. They feature beauty spots, local customs, gastronomy, historic ruins or other attractions.

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Romania Unique Places

Romania Unique Places

Romania Unique Places souvenir playing cards by Age Art.

Royal Pavilion at Brighton

Royal Pavilion at Brighton

The Royal Pavilion, also known as the Brighton Pavilion, is an Asian-style palace built for King George IV when he was Prince of Wales.

Russia Souvenir Playing Cards 2004

Russia Souvenir Playing Cards

Russia Souvenir Playing Cards published by The Bronze Horseman, c.2004.

S.S. France playing cards 1962

S.S. France playing cards

A special non-standard pack of playing cards was designed by M. Marie for the maiden voyage of the transatlantic liner S.S. France in 1962.

Saint Petersburg vintage playing cards

Saint Petersburg vintage playing cards

Saint Petersburg vintage photography playing cards.

Saint-Martin Island Souvenir

Saint-Martin Island Souvenir

St-Martin Island Souvenir published by Editions Exbrayat.

Salzburg Souvenir 2015

Salzburg Souvenir

A souvenir pack with just one view – on the back!

San Marino Souvenir 1975

San Marino Souvenir

San Marino stamp designs combined with photographic views by La Fotometalgrafica Emiliana, c.1975.

Sapra Studio Original 1999

Sapra Studio Original

Sapra Studio Original playing cards featuring wild animals of S Africa, 1999.

Scenic Views of Australia 2002

Scenic Views of Australia

54 different scenic views of Australia in full colour.

Scenic Views of New Zealand 1985

Scenic Views of New Zealand

A ‘Rangitira’ souvenir showing 52 different scenic views of the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Schweden Spielkarten 1994

Schweden Spielkarten

54 different souvenir views of famous people and places in Sweden.

Scottish Picture Playing Cards 1987

Scottish Picture Playing Cards

Scottish Picture Playing Cards featuring photographs by Colin Baxter.

Seaboard Air Line Railway souvenir playing cards 1910

Seaboard Air Line Railway souvenir playing cards

Seaboard Air Line Railway souvenir playing cards made by USPC Co., USA, c1910.

Selección Nacional de Fútbol 2002

Selección Nacional de Fútbol

‘Selección Nacional de Fútbol’ playing cards published in Mexico by Novelty Corp de México S.A. de C.V., 2002.

Sense of Bulgaria 2010

Sense of Bulgaria

Stylish Bulgarian souvenir playing cards with a different photo on every card, c.2000-2010.

Shamrock Irish Heritage playing cards 1999

Shamrock Irish Heritage playing cards

A celebration of some of Ireland’s most famous patriots, politicians and poets.

Shipping 1960


A survey of modern Shipping advertising playing cards

Sicilia in Acquerello 2020

Sicilia in Acquerello

Souvenir playing cards from Sicily using watercolours rather than photographs.

Sorrento Napoletane 2010

Sorrento Napoletane

Souvenir of Sorrento by Carte Da Gioco Muoio, Naples, c.2010