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Bosch Puzzle Playing Cards 2020

Bosch Puzzle Playing Cards

Bosch Puzzle Playing Cards by Sunish Chabba, 2020.

Dada and Surrealist Art 1998

Dada and Surrealist Art

Dada and Surrealist Art playing cards featuring artwork by Arturo Schwarz, 1998.

Jeu de Tarot Pocket Fantasy/Science-Fiction

Jeu de Tarot Pocket Fantasy/Science-Fiction

Tarot game pack with fantasy sci-fi artwork on the trumps published by Pocket SF, France.

Le Jeu de Marseille 1943

Le Jeu de Marseille

Having deconstructed traditional, bourgeois playing card symbolism they produced new, liberated designs expressing their own beliefs and values. The court cards were persons expressing new, revolutionary ideals.

Leonor Fini 1950

Leonor Fini

The originality of Leonor Fini's work is evident in these playing card designs. The imagery of her paintings was loosely based on dreams and this led her to be associated with the Surrealists...

Masuo Ikeda 1977

Masuo Ikeda

Striking, colourful designs by the Japanese artist Masuo Ikeda.

Salvador Dalí 1967

Salvador Dalí

Based on the standard French ‘Paris’ pattern, Dalí composed his playing card figures out of geometric shapes, like a surrealist tapestry, but retaining the traditional aspects of playing card design.

Taro Okamoto 1977

Taro Okamoto

The combination of shapes and colours in these playing cards creates a vibrant and eye-catching surreal effect.