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Pantomime Snap

Pantomime Snap

Clifford Series “Pantomime Snap”

Russian Opera Scenes 1974

Russian Opera Scenes

Russian Opera & Theatre Scenes playing cards first published by the Colour Printing Plant (USSR, Russian Federation) in 1974

Scaramouche 1959


Scaramouche cartes à jouer with designs by Henri Favre, published by Le Triboulet, France.

Schiller deck 1834

Schiller deck

Schiller deck made by Conrad Ludwig Wüst, Frankfurt/Main, ca. 1834.

Shakespeare Playing Cards 2023

Shakespeare Playing Cards

Kickstarter-funded modern remake of the 1902 classic pack, perfect for Shakespeare (1564-1616) and literature fans.

Spielkarten in Bromsilber-Photographie 1983

Spielkarten in Bromsilber-Photographie

“Spielkarten in Bromsilber-Photographie” facsimile edition by Vito Arienti of Edizioni del Solleone, Italy, 1983.

Stage 1904


‘Stage’ card game © 1904 C. M. Clark Publishing Co. Boston, Mass. with portraits of popular actors and actresses.

Stage Playing Cards, 1908 1908

Stage Playing Cards, 1908

This beautiful deck features an oval half-tone photo of a theatre star on each card, many of them legendary names, along with their autograph beneath.

Story Magazine 1978

Story Magazine

Dutch singers, TV and theatre artist playing cards for “Story” magazine, 1978.

Tales from the Stage

Tales from the Stage

"Tales from the Stage" - an article about theatrical playing cards by Rod Starling

The Jovial Cards 1911

The Jovial Cards

Publicity items for a group of entertainers, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK, 1911.

The Seven Ages of Man 2007

The Seven Ages of Man

Original paintings by Jane Daniell depicting characters from Shakespeare’s plays.

The Stage No.65 1890

The Stage No.65

The court cards and Aces each feature four portraits of famous theatre stars from the 1890s inside round frames, against a background pattern based on traditional court cards.

Wayang Bridge Cards 1981

Wayang Bridge Cards

Traditional Wayang puppet theatre characters from Indonesia.

Wedding of Krechinsky • Свадьба Кречинского 1978

Wedding of Krechinsky • Свадьба Кречинского

A pack of cards depicting characters from the famous play "The Wedding of Krechinsky" by Sukhovo-Kobylina. Колода содержит изображения персонажей известной пьесы Сухово-Кобылина "Свадьба Кречинского"