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1850 Translucent Playing Cards

Translucent Playing Cards

Translucent Playing Cards made by an unknown maker, c.1850

1825 Unknown Maker

Unknown Maker

Early German deck by unknown maker, c.1825

1800 Joseph Losch

Joseph Losch

French-suited pack with full-length courts by Joseph Losch, c.1800.

German History by Johann Conrad Jegel

Historical Deck with characters and emblematical figures published by Johann Conrad Jegel, Nürnberg, with etching by Georg Pommer.

1815 Anti-Napoleon


Deck from the liberation war against Napoleon, c.1815.

1815 Victory Deck

Victory Deck

Victory deck commemorating the Liberation war by Friedrich Gotthelf Baumgärtner, Leipzig, 1815.

1818 Fortune Telling Deck, c.1818

Fortune Telling Deck, c.1818

Fortune Telling Deck by Industrie Comptoir, Leipzig c.1818.

1816 Bergmannskarte


Bergmannskarte, manufactured by Industrie Comptoir, Leipzig, c.1816.

1834 Schiller deck

Schiller deck

Schiller deck made by Conrad Ludwig Wüst, Frankfurt/Main, ca. 1834.

1850 Verkehrte-Welt-Tarock


"Verkehrte-Welt-Tarock” (reverse world ?) manufactured by Christian Theodor Sutor (fl. 1823-1854), Naumburg, around 1850.

1815 Mythological Tarock by Johann Herrl

Mythological Tarock by Johann Herrl

French-suited Tarock deck made by Johann Herrl in Graz 1815.

1860 Narren-Karte, c.1860

Narren-Karte, c.1860

Narren-Karte by Christian Heinrich Reuter, Nürnberg, c.1860.

Johann Jobst Forster

Deck made by Johann Jobst Forster, Nürnberg, first half of 18th century in the Paris pattern.

1800 Johann Matheus Backofen

Johann Matheus Backofen

French-suited deck manufactured by Johann Matheus Backofen, Nürnberg c.1800.