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Charles Hodges 1828

Charles Hodges

Charles Hodges produced engraved geographical and astronomical decks, London, c.1827-30.

De Reszke Cigarettes “What the Stars Say” 1934

De Reszke Cigarettes “What the Stars Say”

De Reszke Cigarettes “What the Stars Say” astrology cards issued by J. Milhoff & Co., 1934.

EPCS February 2003 Newsletter

EPCS February 2003 Newsletter Members Only

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Hodges’ Constellations 1828

Hodges’ Constellations

Hodges’ pack dealing with astronomy had numeral cards carrying diagrams of constellations and their pictorial representations.

Zodiac Bridge 1989

Zodiac Bridge

Zodiac Bridge was designed by René Marcel Rivière and printed by AGM Müller in c.1989. A different sign of the zodiac appears on the clothing of each court card figure.

Zodiaque 1980


“Les Signes du Zodiaque” playing cards designed by Youdi des Aubrys.