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Beauty 1955


Pin-up pack closely resembling the more famous one called “Darling”.

Comtesse 1961


“Comtesse” by Bielefelder Spielkarten Fabrik GmbH, 1961.

Darling 1955


Darling pin-up playing cards designed by Heinz Villiger.

English pattern by Bielefelder Spielkarten 1966

English pattern by Bielefelder Spielkarten

Standard designs by Bielefelder Spielkarten GmbH, Bielefeld, Germany, c1966.

Fipps der Affe 1962

Fipps der Affe

“Fipps der Affe“ (Fipps the Ape) quartet game with cartoons by Wilhelm Busch published by Bielefelder Spielkarten GmbH, c.1962.

Fussball Quartett 1950

Fussball Quartett

Fussball Quartett by Bielefelder Spielkarten GmbH, c.1950.

Gundlach Skat No.100 1949

Gundlach Skat No.100

Skat No.100 by E. Gundlach, Bielefeld, 1949.

Kleine Tierwelt 1951

Kleine Tierwelt

“Kleine Tierwelt” wildlife quartet game designed by Heinz Osthoff, published by Bielefelder Spielkarten GmbH.

Mit Rhino auftrumpfen 1984

Mit Rhino auftrumpfen

Black rhinos on a publicity pack for Armstrong, a flooring company, with comic designs by Pit Flick.

Prussian Pattern

Prussian Pattern

Derived from Jagdkarten or Hunting cards with patriotic overtones and rural scenes as vignettes on the numeral cards, the Prussian pattern emerged in the middle of the nineteenth century.

Simultané 1964


Simple geometric forms with an inner life and poetry emanating from the richness of colour, the musicality of rhythm, the vibrant breath of the execution...

Verkehrsmittel Einst und Jetzt 1949

Verkehrsmittel Einst und Jetzt

“Verkehrsmittel Einst und Jetzt” transport quartet game by Bielefelder Spielkarten Fabrik GmbH, 1949.

Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908)

Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908)

Wilhelm Busch was a German caricaturist and humourist. Many card games made in Germany use his characters.