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Alcatel playing cards published by Éditions Dusserre, c.1970s

Banco Borges & Irmão 1984

Banco Borges & Irmão

Commemorating the centenary of a Portuguese bank, depicting historical figures.

Carmen playing cards 1984

Carmen playing cards

Characters and scenes from the 1984 film of Bizet’s most famous opera, Carmen.

Cartes à Jouer Fluorescentes 1960

Cartes à Jouer Fluorescentes

Standard French cards but printed with fluorescent inks on a black background.

Éditions Dusserre, Paris

Éditions Dusserre, Paris

Éditions Dusserre, Paris.

Gayant, 1793 1793

Gayant, 1793

French Revolution playing cards published by Gayant in Paris, 1793.

Jeu Bonaparte 1978

Jeu Bonaparte

Jeu Bonaparte depicting the extended family of Napoleon Bonaparte, France, 1978

Jeu D’Aluettes - Boéchat Frères c.1950

Jeu D’Aluettes - Boéchat Frères c.1950

Jeu D’Aluettes manufactured by Boéchat Frères, Bordeaux, c.1950 with archaic Spanish features mixed with the standard Catalan pattern

Jeu de cartes Armelle 1983

Jeu de cartes Armelle

Advertising pack designed by James Hodges for a company specialising in regional cakes and biscuits.

Jeu des Bonnets Phrygiens 1988

Jeu des Bonnets Phrygiens

Reproduction of Jeu des Bonnets Phrygiens relating to the Phrygian cap (or liberty cap), France, 1988.

Jeu des Quatre Saisons de l’An II 1793

Jeu des Quatre Saisons de l’An II

“Jeu des Quatre Saisons de l’An II” facsimile of French Revolution deck originally published by J. B. Debeine (Reims) 1793.

Jeu Romantique de Nanteuil 1838

Jeu Romantique de Nanteuil

“Jeu Romantique de Nanteuil” published by Éditions Dusserre, Paris, based on originals published in 1838.

Lorilleux International 1988

Lorilleux International

Promotional pack for Lorilleux International’s Lotus inks, with designs by James Hodges.

Parfums Gianni Versace 1982

Parfums Gianni Versace

Advertising pack for Gianni Versace perfumes.

Première Guerre Mondiale 1914

Première Guerre Mondiale

“Première Guerre Mondiale 1914-1918” playing cards published by Éditions J.C. Dusserre (Maitres Cartiers Boéchat Frères), Paris.

Provinces de France 1979

Provinces de France

Jeu des Provinces de France published by Éditions Dusserre, 1979.

Van Cleef & Arpels 1980

Van Cleef & Arpels

Promotional pack created for Van Cleef & Arpels’ boutique in Geneva, Switzerland.