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Rhineland Pattern

Rhineland Pattern

This pack was probably the culmination of a mixture of designs from 19th century Germany which emerged as one of Dondorf's more popular house patterns by around 1900.

Rhineland Pattern by KZWP 1966

Rhineland Pattern by KZWP

Rhineland pattern by KZWP.

Schwarzer Peter

Schwarzer Peter

Schwarzer Peter No.831 by F.X. Schmid, c.1960s.

VICTORIA 4500 by F. X. Schmid (Argentina) S.A.

VICTORIA 4500 by F. X. Schmid (Argentina) S.A.

Naipe Español VICTORIA 4500 by F. X. Schmid (Argentina) S.A.

Warburg’s Skandinaviske Bridge Kort 1935

Warburg’s Skandinaviske Bridge Kort

“Warburg’s Skandinaviske Bridge Kort” published by Aktieselskabet Emil Jensen, København, c.1935.