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Astérix 1987


Cartes à Jouer ‘Astérix’ published by Ducale, 1987.

Cartes Catalanes

Cartes Catalanes

Cartes Catalanes are used in a small area in the Eastern Pyrenees region of Southern France.



Eurotrotter by La Ducale, c.1980s.

Filmstars by Publistar, 1962

Filmstars by Publistar, 1962

“Filmstars” deck published by Publistar, printed by La Ducale (France), 1962.

Jeu Boléro 1962

Jeu Boléro

Sweeping, semi-abstract designs by J.L. Jolin in red and black only.

Jeu Tour de France 89 (Domex) 1989

Jeu Tour de France 89 (Domex)

Cyclists from the Domex-Weinmann team who took part in the 1989 Tour de France.

Marché 7 Familles

Marché 7 Familles

“Marché 7 Familles” Happy Families card game published by France Cartes

Tarot Junior Walt Disney 1979

Tarot Junior Walt Disney

A Disney version of the French Tarot game aimed at younger players.

Tennis de Table 52<sup>e</sup> Championnats de France 1979

Tennis de Table 52e Championnats de France

Table tennis players in action published by La Ducale, an imprint of Grimaud, France, 1979.