Marché 7 Familles

“Marché 7 Familles” Happy Families published by France Cartes

An attractive Happy Families type card game from France with seven sets of extended families each with 6 members: Son, Daughter, Mother, Father, Grandfather, Grandmother. The cards can be aligned to show the entire families working in the marketplace at their respective trades, thus illustrating how the generations get along together! A closer examination reveals that it is the same family in each case, practising a different trade: booksellers, grocers, drinks, flowers, cakes, ties & ice cream. The till is always operated by the Mother in the family and a little blue bird plays with the children.

“Marché 7 Familles” Happy Families card game published by France Cartes, c.1985 “Marché 7 Familles” Happy Families card game rules published by France Cartes, c.1985

Above: “Marché 7 Familles” Happy Families card game (and rules) published by Ducale (France Cartes), c.1985. 42 cards + title card + rules. The reverse shows blue nursery animals playing cards.

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