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Bohemian or Prager Pattern

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150 Years of Czechoslovakian Railways 1989

150 Years of Czechoslovakian Railways

Czech trains and railwayana from 1839 to 1989, made by Obchodní Tiskárny, Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Bohemian Pattern 1970

Bohemian Pattern

The Bohemian Pattern, sometimes called the Prager Pattern, has roots in the 16th century.

Bohemian pattern by Bonaparte 2000

Bohemian pattern by Bonaparte

Standard Bohemian pattern designs by Bonaparte, Plzeň, Czech Republic, c.2000.

Later Bavarian Pattern 1937

Later Bavarian Pattern

Later Bavarian single-ended pattern by Vereinigte Altenburg-Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken A-G., c.1937

The Simpsons™ (Czech version) 2014

The Simpsons™ (Czech version)

Non-standard Bohemian cards featuring The Simpsons made for EFKO, Czech Republic, 2014.