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Carreras Ltd Playing Cards and Dominoes, 1929 1929

Carreras Ltd Playing Cards and Dominoes, 1929

Carreras Ltd miniature playing cards and dominoes, 1929

Chinese Playing Cards 中国纸牌

Chinese Playing Cards 中国纸牌

The Chinese took their cards with them wherever they travelled and traded in the East, and we find Chinese cards in use not only in the mainland but also in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, North Borneo and Vietnam.

Comical Dominoes

Comical Dominoes

Comical Dominoes game manufactured in Germany by J. W. Spear & Sons, early 1900s

Domino Cards, c.1890 1890

Domino Cards, c.1890

Domino Cards by Mesmaekers Frères, c.1890

Domino Cinematográfico 1925

Domino Cinematográfico

“Domino Cinematográfico” published by Talleres Gráficos Irández, Barcelona, c.1925.

EPCS February 1995 Newsletter

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Miniature Card Dominoes 1904

Miniature Card Dominoes

A miniature set of Goodall domino cards (5.9 x 3.5 cms) still in perfect condition.

Periquito y Tontín Dominoes 1920

Periquito y Tontín Dominoes

Periquito y Tontín Dominoes, featuring Feliz and Bonzo, 1920s.

Picture Dominoes

Picture Dominoes

Pepys published a total of 8 different pictorial domino games.

So-Lah – A Game of Music 1904

So-Lah – A Game of Music

An early 20th century domino-type musical card game by Goodall.